Privacy Policy - Architecture Surrey

Privacy Notice

Planning & Design Service LLP, as the data controller, complies with it’s obligations under the General Data Protection Regulations 2016/679 Articles 12, 13 and 14 by the following;-

The information that you have provided will be held by the Planning & Design Service LLP and will only be accessed by authorised Planning & Design Service LLP employees. We will only use the information for the purpose of contacting you regarding

  • Surveying your property
  • Designing your project
  • Planning advice/application
  • Building contractors (if you choose this option)
  • References

Your information will not be used for any other purpose, unless we have your consent, or this is provided by law.

This information will be maintained on a secure internal database administrated by the Planning & Design Service LLP.

Your information will not be shared with any third party but it may be used from time to time for other direct communications from the Planning & Design Service LLP, including Encompass Survey’s, your local council and our Building contractors (should you decide to choose this option).

Your personal data will be retained until we no longer have a legal requirement to hold it.

How can I access the information you hold about me?

By making a request by email on

How can I complain?

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Planning and Design Service LLP if you believe that your data is being held or used contrary to your consent.

Further Processing

If we wish to use your personal data for a new purpose, not covered by this Data Protection Notice, then we will provide you with a new notice explaining this use prior to commencing the processing and setting out the relevant purposes and processing conditions. Where and whenever necessary, we will seek you prior consent to the new processing.

Contact Details

To exercise all relevant rights, queries of complaints please in the first instance contact the Planning & Design Service LLP, 5 The Paddock, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1XD or telephone 01483 417555.