Project Timeline

The Planning and Design Service listen to all clients to ensure each project is developed to address the important requirements.

We can help each client from Listening, Survey, Sketches, Design, Planning Application and selection of trusted building contractors to develop the projects on site.

The four key summary stages are as follows:

Stage 1

Site visit & survey

  1. Complete planning application forms including certificate of ownership
  2. Full statement to explain design approach to planners
  3. Drawings and forms in PDF format
  4. E-mail planning application to ensure progress
  5. Act as agent, monitor planning application up to decision

Following client instruction the Stage 1 survey typically takes around three weeks.

Stage 2

Design, including client design meeting

  1. Sketch drawings/design ideas up to a total of three plans and one set of elevations
  2. Agree layouts via scanned drawings
  3. Draw up plans and elevations required for planning application
  4. 1:1250 site location plan and boundary marked
  5. One meeting to complete the design process

Stage 3

Planning application

  1. Briefing discussion on site following instruction.
  2. General planning/design advice
  3. Part survey of existing building, take photos
  4. Draw up survey plans and elevations to allow design

Please note: Planning is decided by the council, you are not guaranteed approval

Stage 4

Design, including client design meeting

Working as part of your team, stage 4 is key and requires experience and discipline to help the builders understand the project and keep matters simple to gain a competitive budget for site start.

The builders may contact me ready for them to prepare their budget estimate.
As I would have explained in our first meeting, the builders I introduce reflect my values and I have known them for many years.
Next steps to allow a well-planned site start: (Subject to planning)

Stage 5


  1. Briefing discussions during our design meeting
  2. General project/design advice
  3. Telephone conversations with known trusted builders to check work load and availability
  4. Shortlist building contractors, arrange meetings with client, builder and I to run over whole project
  5. E-mail key drawings to builders to inform the project
  6. Print large scale planning application drawings for the contractor’s meetings to explain the project to gain budget estimates
  7. Attend one meeting with each of the two or three shortlisted building contractors including client to gain project budget, timing and key dates. Total two or three meetings one for each contractor to fully explain the project
  8. Arrange and attend with you 1no meeting with selected building contractor to confirm start on site date, site set up to maximize site progress

Meeting Stage 4 contractors at draft plans stage can be arranged so that the three contractor meetings are held during the same day.

The stage 4 contractors will provide their costing within 28 days from the draft plans meeting.